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Daniel Rodan creates Haute Couture from most exquisite leather variations.

Using exotic types of leather like elk, various reptiles, kangaroo, crocodile or fish leather for his collections, he has demonstrated that leather is a material highly suitable for unique fashion in the widest sense.

Daniel Rodan stands for unlimited creativity in realizing your dreams in leather, be they daring in style or of classic and elegant nature. Even a wedding dress in leather for her and the equivalent festive leather suit for him can be designed and produced in his studio.

Rodan’s ideas and creativity seem without limits as he combines leather with all kinds of other materials like feathers, plastic or metal.

Rodan creates lavish fashion, ranging from dresses for weddings and evening wear to motor biking, casual and formal street wear up to erotic leather wear for her and him: all of unique design, highest quality and durability.

No wonder that a long list of celebrities from all over the world have found their way into Rodan’s Berlin studio.

Top service is a major key to his enduring success, as demonstrated by two examples: Rodan is open on Sundays from 2pm to 7pm, and a 24 hour delivery service can also be guaranteed on request.

An overview of our collection

Leather Caps and Hats

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Leather Accessories

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Leather Outerwear

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Leather Coats

box coat, box coats, trench coats in leather

Leather Cowboy Style

cowboy vests, cowboy breeches, cowboy jackets, cowboy brassière, cowboy strings, cowboy leather, cowboy leather clothes, cowboy clothes

Leather Belts

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Leather Gauntlets and Leather Gloves

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Leather Travel Accessories

travel vest, travel vest leather, tailor-made travel vest

Leather Evening Wear and Leather Gala Wear

evening/dance dress, evening dresses, leather evening dress, leather evening dresses, tailor-made evening dresses, evening dresses Berlin, equipment dancers, clothing for chorus dance, chorus dance dresses, chorus equipment

Leather Lingerie

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Leather Trousers and Leather Pants

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Patent Leather

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Special Makes and Sizes

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Our Service Portfolio

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Leather Care

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